Meet your NMD Team
Gretchen Comstock, Essex, CT (former Teacher)
Woody Comstock, Essex, CT (former Manufacturing Owner)
Pammy Shepley, Dedham, MA (former Teacher)
Roger Shepley, Dedham, MA (former Architect)
Moira Daniells, Essex, CT (former Business Exec)
Kim van der Heijden, Raleigh, NC (former Corporate Professional)
Brenda Paddock, Walpole, MA (former Veterinarian Clinician)
Kelley Braun, Marblehead, MA (former Physical Therapist)
Lolli Leeson, Marblehead, MA (former Chef and Cooking Instructor)
Ellie Shepley Montgomerie, Venice, CA (former Nay and Yoga Teacher)
Andrea Laplante, Plainville, MA (former Fox Sports net Relations Affiliate Manager)
Jules Meeker, Monument, CO (former Personal Trainer)
Lisa Swift, Auburn, AL (former Media Planner)
Lauri Aigner, Steamboat Springs, CO (former Pilates Instructor)
Kara Sylvia, Brookfield, CT (former Corporate Account Rep)